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This is a recent project RETNA did with the AAM, American Association of Museums, and L.A. Art Machine at this years Museum without Borders conference. The “Wall of Ideas”, curated by Bryson Strauss, was an interactive painting between RETNA, Mear One and conference visitors. Additionally there was an open discussion about social, cultural, economic, and artistic challenges facing the country’s leading cultural institutions. Here are some photos from the event.

The Jarritos Flavor City Art Contest: “Drink Out Loud” is looking for innovative Angelenos to describe what Jarritos means to you. We are looking for artists of all ages to develop eye-catching works of art in any medium to express the flavor and experience of Jarritos. Each art submission must incorporate the “Drink out Loud” slogan logo and at least one of the eleven Jarritos flavors. (fruit punch, grapefruit, guava, hibiscus, lime, mandarin, pineapple, strawberry, tamarind, mango, lemon-lime).

The judge panel is assembled by Los Angeles residents prominent within the art community: Estevan Oriol of SA Studios, Raymond Roker of URB Magazine, Roger Gastman of R. Rock Enterprises, Stephan Malbon of Frank 151, Amir Fallah of Beautiful Decay, Casey Zoltan of The Seventh Letter and Known Gallery, Mark The Cobra Snake, Retna, Brandy Flower of Hit and Run, Chris Grosso of

The winner of the Jarritos Flavor City Art Contest: “Drink Out Loud” will have their work published amongst our partner media outlets and formally displayed at the LA Downtown art walk on July 8, 2010. The recognition of your talents amongst the robust Angeleno art community will allow you to maximize your network and artistic exposure to thousands of people.


May 18th, 2010


My Man Greg Bojorquez, rolled through while Mac n I were painting this piece of Dianne,  Dianne also rolled thru to see the progress.  This was a fun piece, that corners pretty hot, we enjoyed all the distractions that floated our way, let me tell you.

These are process shots of a new mural Mac and I did of our lil roll dogg Dianne, for our homie Rugers new Tattoo shop.

Here are a few process shots taken with my good friends over at modern multiples as I was preparing for my show at New Image.

Photo Docs by Cat Cult

May 8th, 2010

My man Thomas from Paperworks Labratories, brought over Cat Cult to do some photos for a project he is working on here are a few snaps he took.


Here is also a video Mac put together.


Manifest Equality con RETNA EL MAC y KOFIE from viejas del mercado on Vimeo.

Via Kofie: I think He sums it up properly.

As many of you know the Manifest Equality Mural “JUSTICE” El Mac, Retna and myself painted was white washed over in the first week of April, 2010. My time lapse was the first official release of the process of the wall. Shig & Med of ‘Viejas del Mercado‘ & Mid City Arts just released their video of the wall, a homage and funeral doc of sorts. Deep and beautiful. They captured a certain tone in this one, as if they new the wall wasn’t going to last much longer….

El Mac, Retna & Kofie: JUSTICE Mural for Manifest Equality- Time lapse: from Augustine Kofie on Vimeo.

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