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A Day of Service

April 22nd, 2009

I was asked by my friend Ron Finley if I would go speak with students from La Salle Elementary School. His freind and Teacher of a 5th grade class there had recently seen the new mural Mac and I just did called The Knight, and some of her students had expressed interest in it as well. I called Frame and he came with me, and Rons good freind Zubari came and spoke as well. His photos follow. It was a pleasurable experience we talked about art and ways in order to follow what ever path it is that they feel most passionate about. Also Last Saturday I was visiting with a good friend of mine named Steve McKune whom is a councilor over at the ADC High Gain Project, and while I was there hanging out I was asked if Id be willing to go to Olympic High School continuation and speak about drugs and alcohol abuse, to these students. It took me a minute to actually commit to this one because of my own battles with abuse, but I realized that If i could help someone or just share with them a little bit of my life maybe they could relate and see that there is more to life than damaging your future or the lives of those whom love you. Ron, Zubari, Frame and my old friend Alex went with me, It was brief experience but it was well worth it and very fulfilling, It seems like not long ago I was a 5th grader all ready on my journey of graffiti, and a high school student who became a stoner which then led to other drugs and alcohol abuse. I am no better nor worse than any other human being in this world, and I have come to appreciate the great people in my life and feel honored to speak to the bright future of America and offer words of encouragement and support and understanding that we are all in this together, each one of us just has to do our part. I learn a lot about myself in the process so i want to say Thank You.

Here are a few snaps Zubari and Alex Cantarero took of both schools which took place yesterday..

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