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Happy New Year 2009

December 31st, 2008


My friend Shakuntala hooked me up with The Weitz Family to help with their New Year Card, I had fun working with the young vandals they did most of the work, Their dog MONEY was calling all the shots.   Allison Cane took the photo shes really dope check out her site at CANEGREGORI.COM.  Happy New Year. RET

My friend Shakuntala from the Mural Conservancy sent me this, I thought It was pretty funny.

Just got back from Miami Beach for Primary Flight curated By my friend Lynn, Chris, Books, Logan Hicks and Typo.  It was bananas sorry i dont have flicks of everyone elses work but soon enough I will post.  These cats know how to show us some love…  It grew from its humble beginings last year…. alot of other artist came this year to participate,  it was on and crackin… Can I just say I got mad love for the players in MIAMI, they make you feel like you never left the hood… Mad hospitality,  Respect and love go out to all the cats from MSG BIG CROME, TCP, and everyone else who resides there..REVOK, REYES, DAME, EWOK, AUGOR, SEVER, NEKST, TACKZ, RISK, KRUSH, HAZEONE, LOGAN HICKS, DAVID CHOE, STORMIE MILLS, KENT PARKER, RON ENGLISH, BLEK LE RAT, OSCAR MAGALLANES, SANTIAGO RUBINO, CHRISTINA, BOOKS and TYPO  as well as KAREN DAVANZO, BRANDON COLBURN, SHAKUNTALA, and SPINELLO came through to offer their inspiration and suport as great artist and curators as they are…and a lil help moving the damn scaffol… Our girl YAYA flew in from LA to let the homies post the barracks at her crib…Thank You…

So this ones for you …

Books got us a wall, that was the hugest wall MAC and I have ever painted… Mac came through like a champ, like a certified boss player..  The image MAC chose resonated with me because I remember being that lil mischevios kid drawing on things i never knew that some of my actions would lead me to heart ache and pain, in the end yes its been worth it… But the story is far from over… with that said heres the poem I wrote for all of you…  Cuz we all are in this together and im glad to share this time with you…  Be well and blessed …PARA MI GENTE… FOR MY PEOPLE






Los Bagos de la calle van a suvrivir. lo dia

y mi gente de los  barrios del mundo

somos tus hijos

muerte sera

la vida del curiousidad mia

es el viaje de los escritores

Mad society Kings will reunite in the


Angels will rise TSL crew Brimstone

esta Es L trabajo de nuestra manos mias

el camino es dura pero puedo ver la luz

al fin de la calle un dia regresera

y lo coremos otra vez arato.





the vagrants of the street will survive the days

my people from all the hoods from the world

we are your sons.

death shall be,

the life of my curios mind

is the journey of the writers(scribes)

Mad society Kings will reunite in the


Angels will rise TSL crew Brimstone

This is the work of your hands and mine

the road is hard but i can see the light

at the end of the street, one day we will return

and will run it again



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